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Pulsar Circuits is a leading printed circuit board manufacturer that operates from Quebec throughout Canada and the USA. Continue Reading

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PCB Fabrication & Assembly and LED Lighting in Canada and the USA

Find the absolute best, high-quality circuit boards found in Canada or the US from the leading flex circuit board manufacturers. Trust the best PCB assembly services suppliers for quality assembled printed circuit boards created using the 3D” print and injection molding technologies and high-precision PCB fabrication and assembly in the USA.

Work with the most trusted metal core PCB and LED board light manufacturer

Your search for circuit board manufacturing companies ends right here! Connect with Pulsar Circuits — a trusted PCB assembly manufacturer serving clients in the USA and Canada. Being a rigid-flex PCB supplier, we provide clients with custom PCB assembly services in the USA. We’re here to fulfill your needs with best-in-class products manufactured following the highest and most recent industry standards.

In addition to being a metal core PCB manufacturer, Pulsar Circuits is also a LED board light manufacturer and can help you with your LED lighting requirements. In case you want us to create satisfying 3D designs using LED lights, we can help you with that.

Reach out to us for:

Energy-efficient LED Lights

Find innovative LED lighting products for your business, home, and more. Save energy with light-emitting diodes that require very little power compared to conventional filament-based bulbs and offer significant advantages to product engineers and others needing energy efficiency.

Printed Circuit Boards

Looking for printed circuit boards but not sure where to find quality? We are here to handhold you and help you further your product development goals. Give us a call for advanced multi-layered PCBs and backplane products designed to your specifications.

Metal Core PCB

Ensure better heat dispersion by laminating your printed circuit board with aluminum or copper. Reach out to a team on the forefront of metal core PCB technology, and get metal core PCB in a variety of thicknesses and epoxy solder mask color options with a fast turnaround time.

Radio Frequency (R/F)

Get quality radio frequency microwave components made using Rogers and Taconic materials in one or two layers with immersion silver or gold finishes for the best performance. Get in touch with us for yellow, black, and white silkscreen with black, white, and green epoxy solder masks with other colors upon request.

Need our assistance in anything related to printed circuit boards or LED lighting? We’re always ready to help! Connect with our experts to discuss your requirements, and add longevity to your project with quality circuit boards and LED lighting products aligned with the most stringent industry standards. For any questions about our services or products, give us a call at 1-(514)-630-6028.