Common Applications of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards are present in nearly all electronic items today. Many people are not even aware that it is printed circuit boards that allow all of us to use compact electronic products so conveniently. Also known as PCBs, these boards have types such as single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer. They can have rigid parts or flexible parts, or both type of parts. PCBs are created using non-conductive material and contain lines, pads, and other features. In this blog, we will tell you about PCBs applications. Although these boards are used in plethora of applications, we’ll just talk about some of their common uses in this blog. Let’s take a look at them.

They Are Used In Medical Devices

The healthcare industry use PCBs in huge numbers for all sorts of devices. As you might be aware, hospital and medical centers rely on advanced devices for making diagnosis, monitoring medical conditions, treating illnesses, and doing much more. In all these devices, PCBs play an essential role. Since these devices are used for providing care to patients, it is critical that top-quality PCBs are used in these devices. That is why people using PCBs for medical purposes should get them only from a reputable and known manufacturer. Some well-known medical devices in which PCBs are used include CAT, CT, and ultrasonic scanners; blood glucose, heart rate, and blood pressure monitors; infusion pumps; and pacemakers.

They Are Used In Light-Emitting Diodes

LEDs are for known for their energy efficiency and can be found in nearly every industry. They are the preferred solution for both commercial and residential lighting needs. Even in LEDs, you can find PCBs doing their job. Here, PCBs play a key role in transferring heat away from the bulb. LEDs life get shortened due to high temperatures. For this purpose, aluminum-made PCBs are employed in LEDs to effectively move heat, which other metals cannot do so well. PCBs in LEDs remove the hassle of adding heat sink to a design, which makes it possible for us to come up with compact designs.

They Are A Part of All Modern Consumer Electronics

There are certain electronic products that we use on a daily basis. Without using them, we would really struggle to get a lot of things done on time. Examples of those products include computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. All these products function because of top-quality PCBs. You must have noticed that we can now use electronic products in various different sizes. Earlier, we had to use big sized gadgets, but now we can use them in compact, smaller sizes. This has become possible because of PCBs. PCBs have a lot of connections, are reliable, and allow electronic product manufacturers to make smaller products without compromising on advanced capabilities. All your communication devices, home appliances, computers, etc., contain PCBs.

Apart from these, PCBs are also used in industrial equipment, automotive components, aerospace components, maritime applications, security equipment, and many other industries. If interested, you can contact Pulsar Circuit for buying high-quality printed circuit boards. We are known for our cost-effective rigid and flex PCB fabrication and have over 20 years of experience in the industry. In addition to making PCBs, we also specialize in LED Lighting. To know more about our services and products, call us at 514-630-6028.