Premium-Quality Ceramic PCB From Pulsar Circuits

Electronic devices with complex design and functions require reliable and high-performing PCBs, and that is exactly what Pulsar Circuits’ ceramic PCBs are. We are a leading ceramic PCB manufacturer and our products are used by top electronics device companies all over Canada and the United States. Using a robust manufacturing process, we build multiple types of high-quality ceramic circuit boards which includes Alumina (Al2O3) Ceramic PCB, Aluminum Nitride (AIN) Ceramic PCB, IGBT Ceramic PCB, and ceramic multilayer PCB. Our ceramic PCBs are characterized by high temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation, and superior high-frequency performance.

Types of Pulsar Circuits Ceramic PCBs

Alumina (AI203) Ceramic PCB

An Alumna ceramic PCB uses a ceramic AI203 substrate. It is the most widely used ceramic PCB because of its affordability, as well as its excellent properties. Good thermal conductivity and resistance, high mechanical strength and hardness, good electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, and high biocompatibility are some of the advantageous characteristics of an Alumina ceramic PCB. It is the best choice for applications where heat dissipation and temperature maintenance and control are required.

Aluminum Nitride (AIN) Ceramic PCB

An Aluminum NItride ceramic PCB uses a ceramic aluminum nitride and is among the latest types of high thermal conductivity ceramic material. Because of its properties, aluminum nitride PCB is projected to be highly successful in the future. It is thermally conductive, highly electrically insulated, chemically stable, mechanically strong, dielectrically excellent. It is widely used in integrated circuits, high-temperature electronic packaging, microwave power devices.

Ceramic PCB for IGBT Module

IGBT means insulated-gate bipolar transistor, and it is a bipolar transistor that has an insulated gate terminal. It is the combination of a control input with an MOS structure and a bipolar power transistor in a single device that is like an output switch. IGBTs Ceramic PCBs are mostly used in high-voltage, high-current applications.