Double-Sided Printed Circuit Boards

Get Technologically-Superior Double-Sided Printed Circuit Boards to Boost Your Product Performance

At Pulsar Circuits, we understand that your product quality depends a lot on the quality of the printed circuit boards you use. That is why we provide you with some of the most innovative printed circuit board technologies, including two-layer PCB, so you can take your products to the next level.

Our double-sided printed circuit boards meet the highest quality standards in the industry and stand the test of time. Whether your project demands the simplest double-sided printed circuit boards or the most complex two-layer PCB designs, you can count on us for small quantities and large-scale production.

Get Technologically Superior Double-Sided Printed Circuit Boards at Pulsar Circuits

At Pulsar Circuits, we specialize in double-sided PCBs made from superior material with copper tracks carefully etched i.e., printed on the boards, connecting different components on the PCB.

Double-sided or double-layer printed circuit boards are best suited for complex circuits as they offer twice the area for a conductor pattern as opposed to single-sided PCBs. so, you can have conductor patterns on both sides of the board. With two separate patterns comes the need for an electrical connection or bridge between them. We establish that bridge by creating a hole, called ‘vias’, in the PCB that is filled or plated with metal and touches the conductor patterns on both sides.

Double-Sided Rigid Printed Circuit Boards

Rigid PCBs got their name from the material used in their manufacturing, which is purely rigid in nature. We specialize in manufacturing all types of Double layer or Double-sided rigid printed circuit board, and Multi-layer PCBs suited to your exact needs.

Why Choose Us

Pulsar Circuits is a leading printed circuit board manufacturer that operates from Quebec throughout Canada and the USA. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we strive to provide our customers with the absolute best quality circuit boards, from double-sided printed circuit boards to rigid-flex boards, found in Canada or the US. No matter your needs, we assure you that our products are made according to the most recent and highest standards in the industry. Contact us today to discuss your project.