Multilayer Printed Circuit Board

Push The Limits of Design With Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards

If the design and features of your electronic device is limited by the size of its printed circuit board, our light, compact, and top-quality multilayer printed circuit boards can help you achieve perfection in your product. Pulsar Circuits is one of the leading manufacturers of multilayer printed circuit boards (PCB) in America and Canada. We specialize in producing high-performance multiplayer PCBs that are used in a wide range of electrical devices. You can trust on our products to enhance the performance of your electronic products and optimize its design.

Complex Design With Increased Functionality

Multilayer PCBs have the most complex design of all circuit boards. While they look like stacks of multiple double-sided circuit boards, they are different in that they have at least 3 or more conductive copper layers which can be as many as 40 folds. These multilayer solutions for PCB are compressed and interconnected through copper plated holes to form a single unit. Incorporating these multiple layers allows the circuit board to have increased functionality.

Multilayer PCBs Manufactured Using The Most Advanced Methods

Because of the complexity of their design, fabricating multilayer PCBs requires a high level of precision and execution to prevent any risk of cross connections, overlaps, and other errors that can ruin its function. Being an industry leading multilayer PCB manufacturer, Pulsar Circuits uses the most advanced techniques for manufacturing its multilayer PCBs even for high volume production. The entire process of fabrication of each unit takes place in an ESD-Safe and cleanroom environment to ensure exceptional quality control.