Printed Circuit Board

Meeting Global Technology Demands

Doing business on a global scale requires having access to tools and technology that also have a global reach.  We have production facilities that are strategically located to manufacture PCBs based on specific client requirements. Centers dedicated to engineering and customer support are also located to better serve our clients’ global business concerns.

Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

We are recognized as an industry leader for our manufacture of advanced multi-layered PCBs and backplane products designed to client specifications. This is all made possible through state of the art fabrication facilities. This makes it possible to manufacture PCBs based on specific client requirements with up to 12 layers. Our fabrication capabilities include:

  • Thermal management solutions that include heat sinks
  • Mil Spec approved with AS9100, MIL-P-55110, and MIL-PRF-31032 certifications
  • HDI fabrication features such as micro BGA, flip chip, and Types I, II, and III microwave
  • Circuit tracks as narrow as 3mm
  • 48-hour QTA production support with volume production

Meeting Client Needs Through Higher Service

Pulsar Circuits has always prioritized customer relations; our customer support and engineering centers have a global reach to better serve clients in diverse locations. Combined with our extensive fabrication network, we are now a premier single-source provider of backplane and PCB products.