Radio Frequency

Quality R/F Microwave Components for Every Application

Many products require the use of radio frequency (R/F) microwave components. Product developers and engineers also require these items to create the next wave of technically innovative inventions. Pulsar Circuits is poised to provide companies around the world with the R/F microwave elements necessary to further their development goals.

Better Components Result in Better Products

We firmly believe that by providing better, more responsive engineering solutions we can help businesses develop more competitive products. Radio frequency (R/F) microwave components are used in the manufacture of products as diverse as:

  • Satellite television devices
  • Global positioning systems (GPS) and navigation systems
  • Air traffic radar
  • Smartphones and cell phones
  • Wireless computer networks
  • Radio signal receivers and transmitters, including vehicle audio systems
  • Digital microwave

Our manufacturing capabilities include yellow, black, and white silkscreen with black, white, and green epoxy solder mask with other colors upon request. We offer Rogers and Taconic materials in one or two layers with immersion silver or immersion gold finishes. 

Helping You Do More

Companies involved in the design or fabrication of any products that use R/F microwave elements need to work with a production agency that can meet their needs without compromise. Pulsar Circuits excels at developing elements to customer specifications and to providing leading engineering solutions to clients around the world.